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POIRIER F., BOURSIER C., MESNAGE R., OESTREICHER N., NICOLAS V., VELOT C. (2017). Proteomic analysis of the soil filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans exposed to a Roundup formulation at a dose causing no macroscopic effect: a functional study. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.  24(33):25933-46

• LESSIM S, OUGHLIS S, LATAILLADE J-J, MIGONNEY V, CHANGOTADE S, LUTOMSKI D, POIRIER F  (2015). Protein selective adsorption properties of a polyethylene terephtalate artificial ligament grafted with poly(sodium styrene sulfonate) (polyNaSS): correlation with physicochemical parameters of proteins. Biomedical Materials.

• BENSLIMANE-AHMIM Z., POIRIER F., DELOMENIE C., LOKAJCZYK A., GRELAC F., GALY-FAUROUX I., MOHAMEDI A., FISCHER AM. HEYMANN D., LUTOMSKI D., BOISSON-VIDAL C. (2013). Mechanistic study of the proangiogenic effect of osteoprotegerin. Angiogenesis 16(3), 575-593.

• OUGHLIS S., LESSIM S., CHANGOTADE S., BOLLOTTE F., POIRIER F., HELARY G., LATAILLADE J-J., MIGONNEY V., MIGONNEY V., LUTOMSKI D. (2011). Development of proteomic tools to study protein adsorption on a biomaterial, titanium grafted with poly(sodium styrene sulfonate). J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. (879), 3681-3687.

• HAMELIN C., CORNUT E., POIRIER F., PONS S., BEAULIEU C., CHARRIER JP., HAÏDOUS H., COTTE E., LAMBERT C., PIARD F., ATAMAN-ONAL Y., CHOQUET-KASTYLEVSKY G. (2011). Identification and verification of heat shock protein 60 as a potential serum marker for colorectal cancer. FEBS. 278(24), 4845-4859.

• FROIDEVAUX-KLIPFEL L., POIRIER F., BOURSIER C., CREPIN R., POÜS C., BAUDIN B., BAILLET A. (2011). Modulation of septin and molecular motor recruitment in the microtubule environment of taxol-resistant human breast cancer cells. Proteomics. (11), 3877-3886.

• VERPILLOT R., ESSELLMANN H., MOHAMADI MR., KLAFKI H., POIRIER F., LEHNERT S., OTTO M., WILTFANG J., JEAN LOUIS V., TAVERNA M. (2011). Analysis of Amyloid-ß Peptides in Cerebrospinal Fluid Samples by Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled with LIF Detection. Anal. Chem. 83 (5), 1696-1703

• CAZORLA O., LUCAS A., POIRIER F., LACAMPAGNE A., LEZOUALC’H F. (2009). The cAMP binding protein Epac regulates cardiac myofilament function. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci U.S.A.. 106 (33), 14144-14149.

• MORLA A., POIRIER F., PONS S., BEAULIEU C., CHARRIER JP., ATAMAN-ONAL Y., GLEHEN O., JOLIVET M., CHOQUET-KASTYLEVSKY G. (2008). Analysis of high molecular mass proteins larger than 150 kDa using cyanogen bromide cleavage and conventional 2-DE. Electrophoresis. 29 (20), 4158-4168.

• SIZOVA D., CHARBAUT E., DELALANDE F., POIRIER F., HIGH AA., PARKER F., VAN DORSSELAER A., DUCHESNE M., DIU-HERCEND A. (2007). Proteomic analysis of brain tissue from an Alzheimer's disease mouse model by two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis. Neurobiol. Aging. 28 (3), 357-370.

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